Eardley NORTON, London. No 7315


Swiss made watch for the Northern European market, circa 1800.

More details

Silver paircase in general imitation of English watches of the period, numbered 1004 and with casemakers stamp CF, the outer with Dutch watchpaper. Fullplate fusee movement of typical Swiss/French style, with balance-bridge and fancy pillars. Verge (recoil) escapement, the potance with typical Swiss/French adjustment for drops. Brass balance, spiral balance-spring. White enamel dial with fake signature, blued-steel hands. 58 mm diameter.

Swiss manufacturers spent much of the 18th and early nineteenth century making English-style watches, many of which were sold bearing fake 'London' names into various markets around the world. This highly dubious practice, one that went on for the best part of two hundred years, is one that the Swiss try hard now to ignore - which may perhaps come as no surprise. That said, watches like this bearing fake 'London' names had an enormous effect on the business of watchmaking worldwide and every collection should have an example, but they should also be recognised for what they are - Swiss museums, please take note.

NB: It should be noted that most Swiss fakes, like this, are not close copies of English work, the reason being that they were aimed at foreign markets where comparison with real London work was not easily made. The Dutch and Scandinavian markets were particularly exploited, as was the name of Eardley Norton.

Good condition, showing some of the expected signs of use, but far better than most similar watches that survive. Not cleaned by me but ticking when wound - cleaning can be arranged if wanted.