J J DURRANT & Son, 40 Cheapside, London. No 260500


Good London finished chronograph with unusual lever escapement, supplied by Longines, circa 1900.

More details

Swiss made 'in the English style' silver double back crystal (flat glass) case with gold fittings, numbered as the movement, the dome with interesting dedication from a father to his son, John Phelps, who was at Trinity College, Oxford, dated December 1901, the case back with  'JP' monogram. Three-quarter plate keyless going-barrel movement jewelled to the 3rd, with cap jewels on balance, lever and escape. Non-magnetic single-roller detached lever escapement, also made in the English style, with non-ferrous compensation balance, gold (not tested) lever and a Palladium(?) balance-spring with overcoil. Beautiful enamel dial in perfect condition, signed WILLIS on rear, with original gold English made hands, as usually found paired with non-magnetic escapements. 53 mm diameter.

John James Durrant & Son, Cheapside, London, retailers.

Longines, based in Saint-Imier, one of the premier Swiss watch manufacturers at the time, with a long association of selling their top quality watches, both pocket and wrist, in England via Baume & Co - the British Horological Institute holds a great deal of Baume records and ephemera. NB: This watch is of the same type supplied by Longines to J W Benson.

In good original condition, especially the lovely dial, showing just a few signs of wear to the case and glass. I can supply a suitably sized and weight of silver chain if required. Serviced and guaranteed.