ELLICOTT, London. No 8413


Fine quality cylinder watch by this famous firm in near mint condition.

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Plain 22ct gold paircase hallmarked London 1789, casemaker VW (Valentine Walker), the outer with contemporary watchpaper. Capped and jewelled fullplate fusee movement with plain pillars and typically finely pierced and engraved cock and slide plate. Graham-type cylinder escapement, 15-tooth brass escape. Beautiful but cracked Roman & Arabic dial, enamelled on gold, with original gold arrow-head hands of the most unusual and pleasing design, with correct high-dome (non bullseye) glass. 50 mm diameter.

Edward Ellicott, successor to John Ellicott, FRS, one of the premier London watch and clock making firms throughout the 18th century, with examples in all the world's major horological museums - see the article on the Ellicotts by David Thompson published in Antiquarian Horology Summer and Autumn issues, 1997.

Valentine Walker, then at 8 St John St Road, Clerkenwell, watch case maker to some of the very best watchmakers of the period: Emery, Webster, Leroux, Pendleton, Vulliamy, etc.

A fine example of an Ellicott watch of the period and all in lovely original condition, apart from the cracked dial. Difficult to see without a loupe, there are numerous hair cracks radiating from the centre and the watch is priced according, but thankfully it is the original and has not been replaced or covered in acrylic glue. Serviced and guaranteed.