Jas TAYLOR, London. No 237


Fine verge movement by this interesting maker, circa 1755.

More details

Fullplate fusee movement with beautifully pierced and engraved cock and slide plate, the cock with large red endstone. Verge (recoil) escapement, the staff capped both ends, Brass balance, original 2 1/2 turn spiral balance-spring. Lovely Roman & Arabic enamel dial with gold colletted winding hole between 3 and 4, original fancy (English made) pierced gold hands. 36.5 mm diameter.

Jasper Taylor, Holborn, London, Master of the Clockmakers Company in 1754. He died in in 1770.

NB: Many 18th century verge watches have been later jewelled but this watch is as made, the cock designed and finished to accept its endstone setting and the potence with a dovetail slip. I also believe the fancy red endstone (not tested) is original. Please also note that the staff runs on endstones only, it has never had pivot jewels, as often found in verges of this period.

Dial with edge chips at IV and VI, otherwise in good complete and original condition. Not cleaned by me but will just about tick when wound. The fancy gold hands worth the price alone.