ANONYMOUS, Swiss or Paris work


Good slim minute repeating movement, circa 1840. 

More details

Late Breguet-style gilt movement jewelled to the 3rd, the top quality repeat work mounted under the dial with two hammers hitting polished steel gongs, the frame numbered 36630 at the edge. Right-angle detached lever escapement, with polished steel club-tooth escape. Uncut bi-metallic balance, spiral balance-spring. Enamel dial, blued steel hour hand only. 43 mm diameter, only 6.5 mm deep, not including centre arbor.

Most repeaters of this period are quarter striking only. Minute repeaters, especially finished as well as this, are much more rare.

The dial  showing that the position of the two small screw holes at the edge have be changed, presumably when this movement was changed from a hunter to an openface case at some time. Lacking minute hand, otherwise appears to be complete. Not cleaned by me but tries to tick when wound but the repeat train is seized. Sold as not working and needing at least a service.