ANONYMOUS, probably Paris work


Good slim quarter repeating movement with ruby cylinder escapement, circa 1840.

More details

Late Breguet-style gilt movement, the repeat work mounted under the dial with two hammers hitting steel gongs mounted on the pillar-plate, with Breguet-style 'parachutte' shock resisting mounting for the endstone. Cylinder (dead beat) escapement with steel escape and English-style jewelled cylinder. Plain balance with Breguet-style compensation-curb mounted on the index, spiral balance-spring. Fine engine-turned silver-gilt dial, blued steel Breguet-style hands. 47.5 mm diameter, only 6.5 mm deep, not including centre arbor.

NB: Most such continental repeaters of this period with cylinder escapements have plain rather than jewelled cylinders, and both the English and Breguet-style of jewelled cylinder were used in Paris at this period.

Minute hand repaired at boss, one steel gong also repaired and Breguet-style two-height stop work for the mainspring incomplete. Otherwise looks to be complete and intact. Not cleaned by me and will not tick when wound but the repeat train is working as it should. Sold as not working and needing at least a service.