Em MORÉ a Genéve


Swiss quarter-repeating movement in good original condition, circa 1800.

More details

Fullplate fusee movement with typical balance-bridge centred by a polished steel coquerette, the plunge repeat work under the dial. Verge (recoil) escapement. Brass balance. spiral balance-spring. Lovely signed enamel dial in almost perfect condition, held in position with the usual single screw near 12. 43 mm diameter, 14 mm deep, not including centre arbor.

I have no record of this Genevan watchmaker but he was one of many who were producing good quality repeating work at this period. This became a Swiss speciality. So much so, that Swiss makers had taken over the manufacture of most complicated repeating work from English makers by the 1820's - with extensive import/export connections forged throughout the 18th century, it was cheaper to buy it in.

Lacking hands, otherwise in fine original condition with nothing appearing to be broken, with just small chips to the the enamel dial around the winding square. Not cleaned by me and will not tick but will repeat properly. Sold as needing at least a good service.