ANONYMOUS, Swiss or Paris work


Rare clockwatch (hour striking) movement, circa 1825.

More details

Slim fullplate fusee movement with two trains, the rack striking work mounted under the dial operating a single hammer, with trip repeat striking action at 2, the hollow-back frame numbered 1872 at the edge. Verge (recoil) escapement, brass balance, spiral balance-spring. Lovely design of convex enamel dial with steel collects at the twin winding holes, the back signed with a cap B. 49.5 mm diameter, only 13 mm deep, not including centre arbor.

Hour striking watches went out of favour fairly early in the 18th century but continue to appear up to and into the 20th century - such later examples are rarely encountered.

Dial with some small scratches and faint hair cracks, and lacking hands. Otherwise appears to be complete but with a broken fusee chain that has lost its barrel hook. Not cleaned by and will not tick, but striking train will operate correctly, though is obviously in need of fresh oil. Sold as not working and needing at least a service.