New Geo JUST. 1826

Geo JUST. 1826


A fine centre-seconds Lepine calibre watch, finished in London, circa 1826.

More details

Good size silver case of typical Chinese market design, a separate silver rim to the movement holding the sprung silver dome, held in place in the two-piece 'outer' with a single latch, casemaker RD (probably Robert Dalton, City Rd, London), the hallmarks there but polished and unreadable. Typical Swiss Lepine/Fleurier calibre single plate movement with standing barrel and hand setting from the rear, finished in London with English jeweling to the 3rd and cap jewels on balance (diamond) and lever, the skeletonised train cock bearing what I believe to be the owners name and date: George Just, 1826. English single-roller detached lever escapement. Steel balance, spiral balance-spring. Lovely convex cream enamel dial in perfect condition, original matching gold hands. 56 mm diameter.

The latest edition of Britten records a George Just working in London from 1830-1842 selling mostly Chinese market Fleurier-type watches, often with movements in steel rather than gilt brass. He was almost certainly related to Leonard Just who is rather better known for his Chinese market watches. 

Another George Just placed an advert in Hogg's Watchmakers' Directory of 1863. He describes himself as a 'wholesale watch manufacturer' based at 23 Luard St, Caledonia Road, and is probably a later generation

NB: The number 1826 may be that, a serial number, but the English finishing, the English escapement, the English case and minimalist signature is enough to convince me that this may well be George Just's own watch. If so, it would have been a most stylish centre-seconds watch to wear in London at this period.

The movement lacking stop-work for the barrel, a common occurrence for this caliper I find, and the movement showing signs of use and age. Otherwise in good original condition, especially the dial and typically Chinese-market style of hands;  a fine and unusual Anglo/Swiss collaboration, possibly belonging to one of the London agents for the marketing of watches into China - all worthy of further research. Serviced and guaranteed.