New E HOWARD & Co, Boston. No 24314

E HOWARD & Co, Boston. No 24314


Rare series III movement with Cole's 'resilient' escapement, circa 1870.

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18 (N)-size 15-jewel movement. Detached lever escapement of unusual form in which banking is achieved (in theory) by the shaped tips of the escape wheel locking on the jewelled pallets - this example does have banking pins, which look to have been added after manufacture. Compensation balance, spiral balance-spring. Signed enamel dial in perfect condition, original polished centre spade hands. 46 mm diameter.

E Howard & Co, famous manufacturer of European-style hand-finished watches in America.

NB: Series III watches with this rare escapement rate two stars in my old copy of the Cooksey Shugart 'Price Guide.' One of the last of the Edward Howard movements from the Wing collection, some of which have been recently sold at Jones & Horan. I shall be posting the others on eBay over the next few weeks and they include some rare and early examples - details will also be viewable on my website. All will be offered at a low start, with no reserve...

All looks to be in good original condition but rather dirty, with long dried up oil. Tries to tick when wound but sold as needing at least a service to work properly.