FINER & NOWLAND, London. No 4387


£ 115.00

Good Savage 2-pin movement with hallmarked silver dial.

More details

Fullplate fusee movement with rim cap and nicely engraved cock. True Savage 2-pin detached lever escapement. Steel balance, spiral balance-spring. Original engine-turned silver dial, most unusually hallmarked on the rear 1828, makers stamp unclear but probably WB or WR, gilt hands. 42 mm diameter, 10 mm deep, not including dial or centre arbor.

Horatio Finer & Nowland, 48 High Holborn, London, watch and chronometer makers of some repute.

George Savage invented but did not Patent his improved detached lever escapement around 1814. Examples are uncommon and tended only to be fitted to better made, more expensive watches. NB: The anomalies surrounding Savage's life have been unravelled in recent time by Andy Blagg whose article on the three George Savage's should be published in Antiquarian Horology in the near future.

Hands replacements and the dial has been later (1920's) overprinted. This could be removed. Not cleaned by me but will tick happily if wound.