VULLIAMY, London. Code rrz


£ 325.00

Good quality duplex movement with 'Kendall' cock, circa 1810.

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17-size, capped fullplate fusee movement with double signature, one being hidden under the slide plate, and with finely engraved balance cock of the design first used by Larcum Kendall, and often used (in tribute?) by the Vulliamy firm. Duplex escapement, the roller retaining its ruby jewel, so often now lacking or replaced with steel. Steel balance, spiral balance-spring with screw held stud, a sign of quality found only in the best English work. Lovely Roman & Arabic convex edged enamel dial. Movement 44.5 mm diameter, 13 mm deep, not including centre arbor.

Benjamin Lewis Vulliamy, holder of the Royal warrant ‘Watchmaker to the King,’ the firm being justly famous for their clocks and watches, as well as their and bronze and ormolu work. NB: The Benjamin Gray and Justin Vulliamy letter code has not been fully deciphered, made more difficult because it is not just a letter-for-number substitution. The code moved from three to four letters shortly after 1810.

Lacking hands and the dial with edge cracks, otherwise in good original condition. Not cleaned by me but will tick if wound.