ELGIN Nat'l Watch Co, USA. No 38308824


£ 695.00

American made pocket watch with English HS^3 war time markings, circa 1940.

More details

Dennison 'CUPREL' base metal case with screw back and bezel, the rear marked in full with Broad Arrow and HS^3. Elgin 17 jewel, Grade 387, stem setting keyless going-barrel movement with precision regulator. Double-roller detached lever escapement with steel club-tooth escape. Compensation balance, Elinvar balance-spring with overcoil. Signed enamel dial in perfect condition, also with the added (painted) British Broad Arrow ordnance mark and number, being the last four digits of the Elgin serial number. 51 mm diameter. Together with 2-piece mahogany deck box.

Elgin National Watch co, along with Hamilton, the chief suppliers of American made Deck Watches for British use, about whom much has been written. The watches were marked with HS standing for Hydrographic Stores or Service (not Hydrographic Survey), the numbers being: Grade 1 for box chronometers; Grades 2 and 3 for for Deck watches; etc. See also Military Timepieces by Marvin E Whitney and British Military Timepieces by Konrad Knirim

A good and early example of a 12-hour dialled Deck Watch supplied for British use in the 2nd World War, and unusual in having a nicely detailed Deck Box of a type I have not seen before. The box looks to have been re-polished, the watch showing some of the expected signs of use. Serviced and guaranteed.