SWISS / Robt ROSKELL, Liverpool


£ 45.00

An example of one of the more interesting fakes made for the American market in the 19th century.

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Slim gilt barred keywound movement jewelled to the 3rd, with Breguet-style parachute mounting for the endstone. English style (right angle) of detached lever escapement but with polished steel club-tooth escapement and double-roller. Polished steel balance with imitation timing screws, but with spiral balance-spring and working compensation-curb mounted on the index. One piece enamel dial bearing false parentage, gold hand. 41.5 mm diameter, 6.5 mm deep, not including centre arbor.

Robert Roskell one of the most famous Liverpool firms who had a large export business selling very well made watches to the New World, and whose names appears on countless fakes all of which seem to originate from Switzerland. NB: The extensive Swiss business of selling watches with fake English names, mostly made for markets other than England please note, went on for at least 200 years, something that Swiss museums and authors have totally ignored for far too long - it's more than time that they stopped wearing such historical blinkers.

Dial with the usual hair crack and small chip at the centre, lacking hands and mainspring slipping (click gone?), and with the dingy colouration created by dried up oil. Otherwise complete and in unusually good condition. Not cleaned by me but will tick if pressure is applied to the train. Not working.