R C OLDFIELD, Old Post Office Place, Liverpool. No 30274


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Good keyless minute repeating movement with chronograph, circa 1900. English-style three-quarter plate movement jewelled to the centre, with cap jewels on balance, lever and escape, the keyless work I associate with the Swiss firm of Lecoultre, with the chronograph work and the slide-operated minute repeating train mounted under the dial operating on two polished steel gongs. English-style detached lever escapement with ratchet-tooth escape. Compensation balance, balance-spring with overcoil. 43.5 mm diameter.

R C Oldfield, Liverpool. Another name not properly recorded by Baillie, Britten or Loomes, but known to be retailers of Swiss made watches in Liverpool.

NB: Many of this style of Swiss made movement, with and without the extra complication of chronograph work, were sold in the English market, most of which are now sold by dealers and auction houses as being English work. They are not, and the diamond shape of three arbors and two screws holding the keyless work to the top plate is always a clear indication of their true origin. That said, the workmanship is good and, if finished and cased well, they often make fine watches. 

Lacking dial and hands and one gong loose in its block. Otherwise in good original condition, complete with nothing broken. Not cleaned by me but the repeating train will work, the chronograph will operate and it will tick if wound. Sold as parts needing cleaning and possible repairs.