Walter YONGE, Strand, London. No 5250


£ 295.00

Rare example of this little known English patent movement, circa 1845

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Thin three-quarter plate movement with train laid out in a most unusual way, the centre wheel over the balance in the continental manner and with upside down fusee with maintenance, the 10-size Liverpool supplied frame stamped R.B. Single-roller detached lever escapement, steel balance, spiral balance-spring. 37.5 mm, only 5.5 mm deep, not including dial or centre arbor.

George Edward Mylne, PATENT No 9915, October 1843: "Watches made with sinks in the pillar plate for the barrel, third and fourth wheels, and fusee; whereby full framed watches may be made flatter than heretofore. The fusee is similar to the plain or common fusee, but it has a thin circular steel cap, and is inverted, and is cut the reverse way." NB: Not to be confused with 'reverse fusee' or 'fusee renversee,' which are different.

This is only the fourth example I have seen in forty years, an earlier example I owned being sold to the British Museum. All were retailed by Walter Yonge, and full-plate and semi three-quarter plate examples are known, this being the only three-quarter plate example.

Lacking dial, motion work and hands, otherwise complete and in good condition. Will tick if wound.