SMITHS 'De Luxe' Cheltenham. Batch No 605


£ 245.00

Top quality all-English made wristwatch.

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3-piece 9 ct gold Dennison case with parallel sided lugs, hallmarked Birmingham 1960. Smiths '12.15' (12 ligne, 15 jewel) gilt shockproof movement with 'Permalife' unbreakable mainspring, as designed by Robert Lenoir and his team at Cheltenham around 1946. Double-roller lever escapement with polished steel escape. Monometallic balance with screws, with beryllium balance-spring. Silvered dial with raised gilt upright numerals and matching gilt hands. 31 mm diameter, not including button or lugs. 

A good example of Smiths classic model A.501 wristwatch, as shown in their 1960 catalogue, page 32, the case back without the usual presentation engraving. For more information about Smiths wristwatches see the short note in my website Glossary, and my illustrated article on Smiths 'English Wristwatches' in the April 2003 issue of Antique Collecting. 

NB: This case style is not waterproof and all Smiths wristwatches of this date are best kept well away from damp conditions. Please also be aware that most Smiths wristwatches that survive show all the signs of much use, often with water damage, particularly to the dial. I do not deal in such watches and offer only those examples that have survived in very good or better condition with, wherever possible, original (as here) rather than refinished dials.

Case, dial and movement showing few signs of wear, and without any previous engraving, but the movement rather dirty and the crystal rather scratched. On new/old stock black leather strap. Ticking happily if wound but I recommend a service before use - a new crystal and a light polish would also help make this a very nice example. NB: My standard charge for a full and proper service is around £120, plus parts, plus VAT.