HUNT & ROSKELL, 156 New Bond St, London. No 11795


£ 1,295.00

Slim keywound watch with rare form of Savage lever escapement.

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Plain gold double back case (never engine-turned) hallmarked 1856, casemaker AS (Alfred Stram, Ashby St, Clerkenwell). Three-quarter plate fusee movement jewelled to the 3rd, the 12-size Lancashire frame stamped A&G (Abbott & Garnett). Rare form of Savage 2-pin detached lever escapement in which a 'wide' sapphire jewel is used instead of the usual 2 pins. Enamel dial in perfect condition, signed in the firm's usual beautiful manner, original blued-steel hands. 45 mm diameter.

Hunt & Roskell, late Storr & Mortimer, 156 New Bond Street, famous 'Jewellers, Goldsmiths & Silversmiths, to the Queen' as well as watch and chronometer makers of repute, their manufactory being at 26 Harrison St, Gray's Inn Road.

NB: Though keyless watches were then in vogue (post the 1851 Great Exhibition), keywound watches continued to be seen in London work well into the 1880's and later. This was not only because English buyers did not trust keyless work, I believe, but also because many did not like the look of the larger, more obtrusive keyless pendant, coupled with a bigger and heavier case. Keywound watch cases, such as this, with the dial showing almost no surrounding case, are I think amongst the best looking watches ever produced.

Abbott & Garnett, Farnworth, near Prescot, Lancashire, recorded as 'watchmakers' in Trade Directories of the 1834-1851 period, manufacturers of top quality rough movements, often of great individuality.

From the collection of the late Bradley Ross and previously sold in my first Postal Auction catalogue, lot 90. Wear showing on the bow and the case back with small (7.5 mm) central monogram. Otherwise ticking when wound, but being sold as needing a service to run properly. I can have this done for the buyer, if wanted - likely cost around £150. The worn bow could also be replaced.