C's FRODSHAM, 84 Strand, London. No 6725


£ 845.00

Rare slim English Lepine-style watch by this famous London firm.

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Engine-turned gold hunter case hallmarked 1846, casemaker FM (Frederick Matthews, Clerkenwell). English keywound multi-cocked movement with going-barrel, jewelled to the 4th with cap jewels on the balance (diamond) and escape. Duplex escapement, retaining its jewelled roller. Compensation balance, spiral balance-spring. Solid silver dial with finely engraved centre, blued-steel, Breguet style hands. 39.5 mm diameter, only 8.5 mm deep when closed.

Charles Frodsham (1810-1871) the most famous of the Frodsham family of clock and watch makers. This is a relatively early watch by him, from just after he purchased the name and remaining stock of John Roger Arnold. See The Frodshams by Vaudrey Mercer.

NB: It used to be thought that these continental-style and very thin movements were finished in the UK from imported Swiss or French ebauches, but recent evidence has proved that such rough movements started to be manufactured in Lancashire around 1840. Surviving examples are rare, even more so if retaining their case and dial in fine original condition, as here.

From the late Bradley Ross collection. The light engine-turning of the case showing some use, but certainly no abuse, and generally a very good and unusual example of this makers work. Not cleaned by me but ticking happily when wound. I can have it freshly serviced if wanted - likely cost around £150.