1. KULLBERG No 3715, for Joseph SEWILL, 61 South Castle St, Liverpool. No 5729


    2-day box chronometer by one of the best makers of the period, in best quality 'fancy' box, finished in 1877. Beautifully figured 3-piece mahogany box with brass stringing to the top and front, with plain ivory plaque and retaining the original Sewill trade label inside - see pics. Typical top quality reverse fusee movement with its original spotting in good condition, both movement and bowl bearing Kullberg's number 3715. Eanshaw type spring-detent escapement, 10-turn Palladium helical balance-spring with Kullberg's 'split-rim' compensation balance - see my illustration showing its action in heat and cold. Silvered dial with state of wind indication and engraved with twin crests, filled with red wax, referring to International awards in 1862 and 1867, gold hands. 18 x 18 x 19 cms.

    Victor Kullberg, 105 Liverpool Road, London, the most famous chronometer maker of his generation, described in Britten (6th edition) as "one of the most brilliant and successful horologists of the 19th century." Noted for the general quality of his workmanship as well as his success in many chronometer Trials, he is known for his use of the reverse fusee and his middle-temperature-error compensation balances, both flat-rim and split-rim. NB: not all his machines were fitted with such balances, and most seem to have been sold in plain boxes, this being one of the rarer exceptions - even more so in that the hinges are made with removable pins, as later used by Lange & Sohne, so that the lid and/or middle sections can be safely removed, and replaced, whenever wanted.

    Joseph Sewill 'Chronometer Maker to the Admiralty and Manufacturing Nautical Optician' Liverpool, a famous firm in its own right and retailer of chronometers made by a wide variety of different manufacturers, from Mercer to Kullberg.

    The box has been recently professionally repolished and has no real faults to speak of, with the bowl and gimbals retaining most of their original lacquer. Dial in very good condition retaining the original finish, with just a few minor age spots (I can have the dial resilvered if wanted). Detent in perfect original condition, as is the balance and balance-spring. Cleaned and guaranteed. NB: this chronometer will need specialist shipping and handling. Please enquire as to likely costs.