Edwd BAKER, 33 White Lion St, London. No 1084


Fine pocket chronometer in mahogany Deck Box by this interesting maker.

More details

Heavy silver case hallmarked 1826, casemaker WR (William Rowlands, Clerkenwell). Fullplate fusee movement of typical Earnshaw caliper, with mainspring set-up on the barrel bar and plain cock. Fully developed form of Earnshaw chronometer escapement, the original spring-detent with integral foot and gold passing-spring. The balance also of typical Earnshaw appearance, the bimetallic arms having a wider gap than normal and fitted with wedge weights, 6-turn blued-steel helical spring with Arnold's terminal curves. Enamel dial, held with screws rather that the usual pins, gold hands. Together with beautifully figured 3-piece mahogany deck box with unsigned ivory plaque in the lid.

Edward Baker, about whom little is known, and what is recorded by Tony Mercer and G H Baillie seems to be either incomplete or incorrect. A fine chronometer maker he is known to have entered box chronometers into the Greenwich Trials at this period, and may well be the Baker who was later in partnership with G E Frodsham. NB: Vaudrey Mercer mentions a most intriguing earlier short lived John Frodsham & Baker partnership in 1809.

Dial with small hair crack at edge, between 4 and 5, otherwise all in lovely original condition, the box having been recently lightly polished and all looking every bit as good as one would want. Cleaned and guaranteed.