Montre simple, originally sold to a Mr Lory in 1827, with copies of the original workbooks.

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Slim silver and rose gold case, the solid gold cuvette signed Breguet No 4352. Classic Breguet movement with the train mounted under cocks on a single plate, the frame numbered 4351 and 252. Breguet style 'overhanging' ruby cylinder escapement, fully accessible with the dial removed - pic. Gilt brass balance with compensation-curb mounted on the index and with 'parachute' shock-resisting mounting of the top balance endstone, as originally conceived by Breguet. Signed enamel dial by Droz, held in position by the usual single screw, with secret signature at 12, and with 'Breguet' numerals and hands. 53 mm, only 13.5 mm deep, including glass. In later retailers velvet and silk lined box by Chronometrie BEYER - ZURICH.

Breguet et Fils, successors to A-L Breguet, the most famous Paris watchmaking firm. This is a good example of the firms standard non repeating watch that comes with photocopies of the original handwritten certificate and workbooks, showing the various workmen who finished it: Hooker perè, Pernet, Pellet, Hooker Fils, Morel, Jaquet, etc. NB: It is very rare for this information to be available in its original form.

When originally sold, the certificate shows that this watch was in a gold case by Tavernier. It is now in a good quality silver and gold case that is unmarked, but looks to be closely contemporary in style. It is pictured, in the box, with a suitably matching gold and platinum guard chain, should this be of interest to the buyer of the watch - it is not included in the price.

Some minor wear to the engine-turned gold bezels and the dial with a small edge crack at 2. Otherwise a good example of a real Breguet watch with classic features of a jewelled escapement, suspension elastique and secret signature. Cleaned and guaranteed.