Thos EARNSHAW, London. No 2671


Good pair cased watch by this most famous chronometer maker, circa 1790.

More details

Gilt metal cases, casemaker TC under a hatchet (Thomas Carpenter, London). Capped and jewelled fullplate fusee movement and dial of typical Earnshaw style, with nicely engraved cock and balance-brake acting on the motion work, the cap stamped IE. Cylinder (deadbeat) escapement with 16-tooth gilt brass escape. Steel balance, spiral balance-spring. Lovely signed enamel dial with flat polished original gold hands. 56 mm diameter.

Thomas Earnshaw senior, inventor of the spring-detent escapement and about whom much has been written, and who also sold standard, non-chronometer, watches. See the British Museum and Time Museum catalogues of their chronometer collections for further details about this most important watchmaker.

A good and somewhat unusual example of this makers output, in good original condition. Cleaned for its previous owner and working OK, but can be freshly serviced if required.