von LOEHR. No 1004


Patent Perpetuale-Manometer, circa 1885.

More details

Silver double back case with original shaped bow, the rear with aristocratic crest. Pale gilt key wound going-barrel movement with pivoted weight and hand setting via a toothed wheel at the centre, the cuvette marked '7 Rubis.' Cylinder escapement with steel escape. Plain balance, spiral balance-spring. Perfect signed enamel dial with seconds and unusual state-of-wind indication in which the enamel dial turns when wound, the dial being stationery and the hand turning when going; blued-steel hands. 47 mm diameter.

August Ritter von Loehr, English Patent No 1473, April 1878, 'Automatic winding; Indicator for winding mechanisms; Suspension rings; and Hand setting.' An Austrian working in Switzerland, von Loehr also took out a US Patent in 1879, No 211,280. NB: Up/Down work for going-barrel watches is much more difficult than for those with a fusee, and this is a most interesting solution with separately moving dial and hand.

A very good example with all four aspects of the Patent present, plus the chance to research provenance, the crest with 'PJ' monogram under a coronet. Slight wear showing on the light engine-turning on the rear cover, otherwise in fine original condition. Cleaned for its previous owner and appearing to work well, but can be freshly serviced if wanted.