Wm CHAMBERS & Sons, King Square, London. No 77300


Rare keyless fusee watch movement with helical balance-spring, circa 1875.

More details

Half-plate fusee movement jewelled to the 3rd, with cap jewels on balance (diamond), lever and escape, and hard brass setting for the fusee, the 'hollow back' frame stamped (JW) Wycherly, with uncommon keyless fusee work. Double-roller detached lever escapement - see pic. Top quality compensation balance with quarter-timing nuts, 8-turn helical balance-spring. Signed enamel dial, gold hand. 43 mm diameter, 8.5 mm deep, not including centre arbor.

William Chambers & Sons, 18 Powell Street East, King Square, Clerkenwell. Originally working as a watch finisher the firm were working as wholesale watch makers at this time. Though not now known, I suspect that Chambers were suppliers of many fine watches seen bearing various famous London retail names.

John Wycherly, one of the most famous Liverpool watch rough movement manufacturers, supplier to most of the best English finishers of his day. NB: Hollow-back refers to the pillar plate which is made with a with a deeper edge to which the dial is directly pinned, removing the need for a separate brass-edge.

Dial with the usual hair crack and lacking minute hands, otherwise a lovely and rare example of top London work, made even more unusual by being signed by the actual finishers - it is always a pleasure to see and handle such work. Not cleaned by me but will tick happily if wound.