Machine à raboter - used to finish and shape the teeth of watch wheels


A rare and well detailed 18th century example, circa 1760.

More details

Brass body with side tongue for holding in a vice, with particularly nicely shaped detailing of both brass and steel parts, with a single double ended hand held file-plate complete with mahogany hand rest, each end intended to hold a cutter, now lacking. Total length 27 cm (10.5 inches).

These rare Swiss machines could also be used as a 'machine à arrondir' but were superseded in the 19th century by the much more common 'rounding up tool' with rotary cutters. See Crom Horological Shop Tools, pages 579 to 589, but nothing as early as this is shown. 

A fine and rare example in good unpolished condition, lacking the support for the wheel, one or more locking nuts (as far as I can tell) plus the accessories that may once have accompanied it - but still the best of its kind I have handled.