(R D) Richard DOKE, Prescot, Lancashire


Rough movement by this most interesting character, circa 1860.

More details

Three-quarter plate fusee movement ready to be 'scaped and finished, the hollow-back pillar plate stamped RD and with its Liverpool size 16 0/1 (0/1 being the distance between the plates). Complete with barrel and its extended arbor, all pivot holes drilled oversize allowing the arbors to be in place ready for plugging with hard brass when the train was finally depthed. Complete with cocks and most of the steel work but no escapement parts present. Movement 44 mm diameter, 6.5 mm deep, not including arbors.

Richard (Dicky) Doke, 1823-1906, one of the best Prescot watch and chronometer rough movement manufacturers. For a lovely tribute to his most interesting man and his life, see the letter by Frank Mercer that was published in the Horological Journal, November 1906. It is reprinted, with a wonderful picture of Doke, in Tony Mercer’s book Mercer Chronometers.

In good unpolished but dirty condition, and one of the few Doke rough movements known to me.