Rare 'machine-made' watch manufactured on the old American Tremont Watch Co machinery.

More details

Silver engine-turned case hallmarked Birmingham 1890, casemaker R.S (probably Richard Swann, Birmingham). Capped fullplate going-barrel movement with Haseler's Patent winding click, the top plate named the for the London & Glasgow Watch Manufacturing Company and bearing their 'sun' trademark, the cap numbered as the movement. Single-roller detached lever escapement with ratchet-tooth escape wheel. Steel balance, spiral balance-spring. Enamel dial signed for the retailer, gilt hands. 52 mm diameter.

This watch was manufactured by the English Watch Co Ltd, formed in 1874 out of the bankrupt Anglo-American Watch Company set up by Aaron Dennison in Birmingham, England, in 1871. This was the first English attempt at manufacturing watches on the American system, using old Tremont Watch Company machinery. Though it initially failed (for lack of funds) it is thought the English Watch Company company went on to manufacture about 200,000 watches. The works manager was Charles Haseler who took out various English patents for the firm, this watch having his recoiling click, PATENT No 646 of 1877.

I have no information about the London & Glasgow Watch Manufacturing Company. If anyone reading this does, I would be pleased to hear from them.

Edge crack in dial, at 3, otherwise in fine original condition, the case showing only minor wear. A good example of this most interesting but now little known company's output. Serviced and guaranteed.