Richd DAWES, Southampton. No 3408 (in case)


Fine original watch with Massey type-2 roller.

More details

Heavy silver case with barrel edge and gold joints, hallmarked Chester 1825, casemaker WJ (probably William Jasper, Clerkenwell). Capped fullplate fusee movement jewelled to the 4th, with balance-brake. Detached lever escapement with Massey type-2 roller. Steel balance, spiral balance-spring, Perfect cream enamel dial, gilt hands. 54 mm diameter.

Richard Dawes, recorded as working in Southampton until 1848.

Edward Massey, escapement maker, originally from Newcastle-under-Lyme, later Coventry, then Liverpool and London. Inventor and patentee, in 1814, of a detached lever escapement. The escapement is known in five forms, with four different rollers. These were first catalogued by Alan Treherne, the earliest being types-1 and -5, followed by types-2 and -3. Type-4 is a seconds beating watch and is usually fitted with a type-3 roller. NB: Complete watches in good condition with the earlier type-1 or type-5 rollers are now almost impossible to find, and good examples of type-2 are also becoming increasingly uncommon.

Bottom of case showing some wear, otherwise complete and showing few signs of use. Serviced and guaranteed.