James RYLAND, Ormskirk. No 313


Rare dead-beat watch, circa 1795, as shown in the book by Cutmore.

More details

Gilt-metal paircase with tall pendant, the outer with 19th century watchpaper. Fullplate movement with going-barrel, the mainspring housed not in a barrel but 'exposed,' as is often the case with these movements, the Swiss/French style balance-bridge mounted with a steel coquerette. Ormskirk (Debaufre) escapement with twin ratchet tooth steel escape wheels acting on a single steel pallet - see my drawing. Steel balance, spiral balance-spring. Enamel dial, gold beetle & poker hands. 51 mm diameter.

James Ryland, Ormskirk, north of Liverpool, recorded as having died in 1803. One of the 'makers' associated with these unusual watches of which various different arrangements of escape wheel/s and pallet/s are known. NB: Though often thought to be of English/Ormskirk manufacture, I am certain that the rough movements of this type were imported from Switzerland or perhaps France for finishing and casing in the UK, providing perhaps an alternative to the 'new' dead-beat watches of Peter Litherland.

Once in the collection of Max Bacon who, using the name Cutmore, wrote The Pocket Watch Handbook which was published in 1985. This watch is shown on page 86.

Hair crack to dial, which may be a purpose made later replacement, otherwise in good original condition. A rare escapement made more so in that it survives as a complete watch. Serviced and guaranteed.