VINER, 158 New Bond St, London. No 2/519


Good fusee movement with unusual keyless work, circa 1865.

More details

Three-quarter plate keyless fusee movement (hunter set) with cap jewels on balance (diamond), lever and escape, with keyless work mounted under the dial of a type I have not seen before - I have removed the hour wheel to better show the mechanism. Single-roller detached lever escapement. Compensation balance, spiral balance-spring. Signed enamel dial, blued-steel hands. 41.5 mm diameter, 8.5 mm deep, not including centre arbor.

Viner, New Bond Street, a famous London retailer of often interesting and technical pocket watches, going so far as to claim to be a 'Patentee' at times, even though not a single patent is known by him. The firm seems to have started a second numbering series around 1860.

Dial with hair cracks, otherwise a rare movement in good original condition. Not cleaned by me but will tick if wound - early English keyless watches often retain a winding square, as here.