Willm GOSLATT, London. AD 1807


Fine large hunting cased verge in lovely condition, with provenance.

More details

Engine-turned silver case hallmarked London 1826, casemaker JW (John Williams). Capped and jewelled fullplate fusee movement with well engraved balance-cock, both movement and cap signed for the watches first owner, the cap also dated AD 1807, and stamped RS inside. Verge (recoil) escapement, gilt brass balance with spiral balance-spring. Perfect convex enamel dial, gold hands. 58.5 mm diameter.

William Goslatt would appear to have received this watch on his 21st birthday, the engraved cap referring to his date of birth. This 'coming of age' gift was obviously appreciated as the watch remains in very good original condition.

NB: By the beginning of the 19th century the business of selling watches was changing. There were increasingly more manufacturers, plus an extensive market in second hand watches. This meant retailers looked for ever more inventive ways to tempt the customer. Painted and named dials were being offered, as well as names and even dates engraved on movements and caps, as here.

The watch has been worn, and the engine-turning does show some signs of wear, but in overall very fine condition. Serviced and guaranteed.