HALEY, London. No 2368


Good looking verge watch by this most interesting maker, circa 1820.

More details

Slim gilt-metal paircase, the inner numbered as the watch, the outer with contemporary watchpaper. Fullplate fusee movement with finely engraved cock sporting a rather more malevolent engraved mask than normal. Verge (recoil) escapement. Steel balance, spiral balance-spring. Lovely convex enamel dial with original gold 'arrowhead' hands. 53.5 mm diameter.

Charles Haley, Wigmore St, Cavendish Square, famous London watchmaker, inventor of a constant force escapement, and known to have produced many fine watches with various escapements. Later working with his son.

A most wearable verge, not too big or too heavy. In good original condition, showing few of the usual signs of use, the dial with a small repair to a slight edge chip. I can recommend a good verge watch as one of the most pleasing types of watch to wear and run ones life by, even today. Ticking when wound, but a service is recommended - likely cost if done by me around £150.