BARRAUD'S & LUND, Cornhill, London. No 2/3241


Fine watch with rare 'dovetail' lever escapement by this famous London firm.

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Engine-turned silver case hallmarked London 1837, casemaker JD (probably Joseph Dewin, Clerkenwell). Good second-series example of Barraud's 'all brass' caliper of fullplate fusee movement with cap jewels on balance and escape. Rare and little known form of detached lever escapement which has a trapezoidal (dovetail) shaped jewel acting with an exaggerated shape of lever fork. Compensation balance, spiral balance-spring. Signed enamel dial, original gold hands. 50.5 mm diameter.

Paul Philip Barraud and John Richard Lund, one of the leading London watch and chronometer manufacturers, of which the late Cedric Jagger produced a good history and checklist of their productions in his Book and its Supplement on the firm, although many of his listings have since been shown to be inaccurate.

NB: The 'dovetail' lever escapement has mostly been missed in the history books but has a pedigree as long and as interesting as the escapements by Massey, Savage and Cummins, being almost as rare as the latter. Mostly found in best quality London finished watches, the escapement works well judging by those few I have handled.

The lightly engine-turned case showing some signs of general wear, as to be expected, and a light hair crack to the dial edge, at 9. Otherwise a very good example of this rare form of lever escapement - one of few known. Serviced and guaranteed.