Eardley NORTON '1st Sort' London. No 3611


Fine Georgian centre-seconds cylinder watch by this most interesting maker.

More details

Silver paircase hallmarked London 1790, casemaker TG under a goose (Thomas Gosling), the outer with London watchpaper. Capped fullplate fusee movement with Harrison's going fusee, beautifully engraved cock and cap, and with a balance-brake (at 8) operating on the motion work. Cylinder (deadbeat) escapement, the steel cylinder retaining the original Graham-type banking, and with beautifully polished steel 15-tooth escape. Steel balance, spiral balance-spring. Lovely enamel dial in perfect condition, with equally fine gold beetle and poker hands, with matching gold centre seconds. 55 mm diameter.

Baillie describes Eardley Norton as "a maker of great repute," but clocks and particularly watches by him are uncommon, his most famous item almost certainly being the four dialled astronomical clock at Buckingham Palace. NB: Most surviving watches signed for Norton are in fact Swiss fakes bearing a false name and place of origin, but this is fine London work - the high quality and engraving on this movement is indicative of the Brockbank brothers, John and Miles, who appear to have specialised in centre-seconds watches at this period

A rare chance to own an example of an English centre-seconds watch complete with perfect dial and hands, a style that is rightfully regarded as the epitome of cylinder watches. Cap now lacking a small section by the fusee chain (not that unsightly) and the case showing a few signs of wear, the rear of which has been later lightly engraved 'ENGLAND EXPECTS,' as forever associated with the death of Horatio, Lord Nelson at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805. This could be polished out but, as it may prove significant regarding provenance as some future point, I have left it intact. Serviced and guaranteed.