ELLICOTT, London. No 5509


Top quality repeating movement by this famous London firm, circa 1765.

More details

Capped fullplate fusee movement with diamond endstone and typical beautifully engraved and pierced cock and slide-plate, the half-quarter repeat work of typical Stogdon pattern. Cylinder (deadbeat) escapement with brass escape and steel cylinder. Steel balance, spiral balance-spring. Convex enamel dial, gold hands. 41.5 mm diameter, 16.5 mm deep, not including centre arbor. Now in protective silver part case that allows the repeating to be operated safely.

John Ellicott, then running what was the largest and most successful 'post Graham' business in London, selling the best quality clocks and watches. See the two-part article in Antiquarian Horology on 'The Watches of Ellicotts of London' by David Thompson, Summer and Autumn issues 1997.

NB: This movement has been professionally 'enlarged' at some point (almost certainly by the Ellicott firm), in order to fit the larger, slimmer cases then in vogue. This has included an additional skirt to the cap as well as an elaborate brass-edge that holds steels posts for the, now, dumb repeating. Judging by the later but purpose made dial, this work looks to have been done around 1800.

Hair cracks in dial and later hands, otherwise in good complete condition. Cleaned by its previous owner and both ticking and repeating properly.