George MONRO, Edinburgh. No 308


18th century paircase verge in fine condition, circa 1780.

More details

Chased and engraved gilt-metal paircase, casemaker IC (cameo), the outer with Scottish watchpaper. Fullplate fusee movement with nicely engraved balance cock, almost certainly London work. Verge escapement. Steel balance, spiral balance-spring. Perfect 'Roman & Arabic' enamel dial, with original gold beetle & poker hands. 49 mm diameter.

George Monro, Canongate Head, Edinburgh, watch and clock retailer.

Light wear to 'Regency' engraving on case which has been re-gilded at some point - not by me, but well done and of good colour. Otherwise all in fine original condition, especially the lovely dial and hands, the canon pinion even retaining being pinned on. Cleaned and guaranteed.