The LANCASHIRE WATCH Co, Manchester. No 17746


Good English fusee watch so engraved, not the work of LWCo but not a fake.

More details

Silver barrel-edge case hallmarked Chester 1880, casemaker AW (probably Alfred Wickes, Coventry). Capped fullplate fusee movement with engraved cock. Single-roller detached lever escapement. Gold balance, spiral balance-spring. Double-sunk cream enamel dial, gilt hands. 55 mm diameter.

The Lancashire Watch Company, a business run by Solomon Levy, North St, Cheetham, Manchester. See the recent book by John Platt on the Liverpool Company of the same name for information about this different business that, until the book, was not understood - thanks John.

Wear showing on the light engine-turning on the case, as well as the push in the pendant. Otherwise a watch typical of this period of Coventry and Liverpool watch making, with an interesting signature. Cleaned for its previous owner and looks to be working well.