Josh PENLINGTON, Liverpool. No 1761


Fine large Liverpool watch with unusual caliper and compensation balance.

More details

Stylish silver engine-turned dog-collar case with reeded band and gold joints, hallmarked Chester 1826, casemakers TE/HF (Timothy Ellison and Henry Fishwick, Liverpool). Interesting semi-fullplate fusee movement with sprung cap and slim shaped barrel-bar and cock, with balance-brake at 5. Single-roller detached lever escapement, the roller with passing-flat. Compensation balance similar to Pennington's early screw balances allowing clamping of the free end when moving screws (it does not provide auxilliary compensation), but this of Liverpool manufacture, spiral balance-spring. One-piece cream enamel dial, with lovely gold hands and seconds. 54 mm diameter.

Joseph Penlington, St George's Crescent North, one of the premier Liverpool watch and chronometer makers of the period.

NB: Three-quarter and half-plate movements, necessary for thinner watches, started to appear in English watches from around 1820 onwards, along with a few rare and sometimes extraordinary variations. This large example is one of the more visually interesting of the Liverpool designs.

The dial with a couple minor hair cracks at the edge (hardly visible) and some slight signs of general wear and use to movement and case. Otherwise a fine and interesting Liverpool lever in good original condition. Serviced and guaranteed.