Fras PERIGAL, Bond Street, London. No 763


Fine English repeating movement with lovely dial, circa 1785.

More details

Capped fullplate fusee movement with elaborately engraved slide plate and cock, the cap engraved 'Watch Maker to his MAJESTY.' Top quality London cylinder movement with quarter repeat work mounted under the dial. The cylinder escapement well converted to detached lever escapement circa 1850. Stylish tumbling Arabic hours convex enamel dial in perfect condition. 39.5 mm diameter, 15.5 mm deep, not including centre arbor.

Francis Perigal a fine watchmaker, a contemporary of the Mudge & Dutton firm, and similarly appointed, like Thomas Mudge, as "One of the Watchmakers in Ordinary" to King George III, Perigal in 1784.

NB: The quarter-repeating work in this watch, which Francis Wadsworh designated as the "English type" is the standard style of repeat work found in most English watches in the 18th century. It occurs at the same time as the Stogdon-type, as used by George Graham and many who were associated with his workshop. Both are good systems if well made, as is this example, with its 'all-or-nothing' action and a 'surprise-piece' fitted to the quarter snail. See Wadsorth's important article in the December 1965 and March and June 1966 issues of Antiquarian Horology for more information.

Lacking hands and escapement changed (signifying a long and appreciated working life), otherwise complete and in fine unbroken condition. Not cleaned by me and not willing to tick or fully repeat, looking to be gummed up with dried oil. A service and fresh oil should be all it needs to work properly, but not guaranteed as such.