Edwd BOX, Chichester. No 5422


Lovely London finished jewelled cylinder movement, circa 1805.

More details

Nicely engraved fullplate fusee movement, the 'military trophy' cock with portrait bust, both cap and movement signed and numbered. Jewelled (Sapphire) cylinder escapement with beautifully polished steel escape. Lovely convex enamel dial with a type of Doctor's dial layout. 44 mm diameter, 13.5 mm deep, not including centre arbor.

Edward Box, East Street, Chichester, retailer.

NB: The portrait head at the neck of the military inspired cock is wearing a laurel leaf crown, which is almost certainly a reference to Napoleon who had himself crowned Emperor with such a Roman inspired crown in 1804.

A fine decorative and technical movement, with historical overtones of the period, a watch its first owner would have no doubt been very pleased to own. Lacking hands, the fusee chain complete but detached and the balance-brake has been removed. Not cleaned by me but will tick when pressure is applied to the train.