BRACEBRIDGE's, London. No 23010


Good fusee movement with Massey type-3 lever escapement, circa 1830.

More details

Hollow-back (no brass-edge) fullplate movement with nicely signed cap stamped J.S, the 14-size frame stamped I.G (probably John Glover, Prescot). Massey type-3 detached lever escapement. Steel balance, spiral balance-spring. 42.5 mm diameter.

E C Bracebridge & Company 'Watch Manufacturers' 8 Red Lion St, Clerkenwell, "established 1780." Important London watchmakers and producers of good and often interesting watches, mostly bearing retailers names, with many sold into the American market. They are little known today but fully deserve to be properly researched - they were succeeded by Wright & Craighead.

Edward Massey, Newcastle, Coventry and Liverpool, escapement manufacturer and Patentee of the first extensively used detached lever escapements. Catalogued in recent times by Alan Treherne, the various types have come to be called from 1 to 5. Types I and 5 are the earliest and least common, followed by type-2 and then type-3. Type-4 is a seconds beating-variant, usually fitted with a type-3 roller, and is very rare.

Lacking dial, hands and motion work. Otherwise complete and in good unbroken condition, but rather dirty and not willing to tick if wound. Sold as not working.