Jno GARTLY, Aberdeen. No 314


Fine large cylinder watch by this interesting maker, circa 1790.

More details

Gilt metal pair case the outer with contemporary watchpaper, casemaker WM (William Mean, Clerkenwell). Nicely finished and engraved fullplate fusee movement, the cap signed as the movement and stamped IE. Cylinder (deadbeat) escapement retaining the original Graham-type banking, with 16-tooth brass escape. Steel balance, spiral balance-spring. Lovely convex 'Roman & Arabic' enamel dial, with matching pierced gold hands. 61.5 mm diameter.

John Gartly (1749-1827), Aberdeen, known for retailing best quality London finished watches by Grant, including a fine lever example now in the British Museum.

Dial with the usual hairs cracks, but small enough not to be obtrusive. Otherwise an unusually large large cylinder watch in fine original condition - the watch has been used, but also well looked after. Serviced and guaranteed, including a new unscratched correct style high dome (non bulls-eye) glass.