BROCKBANKS, London. No 4447


Slim chronometer movement by this famous London firm, circa 1800.

More details

Well finished fullplate fusee movement jewelled to the fusee, the cock with Brockbanks typical engraving of the period. Spring-detent detached escapement of Brockbanks' fully developed form, having a polished steel block allowing separate adjustable depthing of both the detent and steel passing-spring, with beautiful polished steel escape and both rollers jewelled. Steel 3-arm balance, typical of Brockbanks, with poising screws but not compensated, spiral balance-spring. Signed enamel dial. 47 mm diameter, 13 mm deep, not including centre arbor.

Brothers John & Myles Brockbank, one of London’s leading watch and chronometer makers of the period and, thanks to Earnshaw and his influence on the firm, often known to have created highly jewelled chronometers of the very best quality.

NB. The cock and gallows stud on this movement indicate that the non-compensated balance is original and the watch, given its slim proportions, was obviously ordered as an every day, civil use watch - heavy compensation balances not being considered suitable for thin balance pivots where rough use was likely, such as horse riding.

Mismatched and lacking hands, dial with chips and cracks, and a poor-ish replacement for the original top plate centre jewel. This movement was also most likely re-cased at some point, during which its original cap was discarded - the cap posts present, but nicely shortened and polished. Otherwise in good original condition, particularly the escapement which is as good as any Brockbanks example seen by me. Not cleaned by me but will tick when wound, though the lack of fresh oil gradually brings the balance amplitude to the point of stopping.