E & E EMANUEL ' Makers to the Queen' 3 The Hard, Portsea & London. No 27884


Lovely American Waltham keyless watch retailed in England, circa 1880.

More details

Finely engine-turned Waltham (AWCo) gold case with milled bezels, also marked 18K and numbered 42372 under a small letter B. 14-size gilt three-quarter plate Waltham Model '74 movement jewelled to the centre, with tadpole-type fine adjustment regulator and the pillar-plate also engraved WOERD'S PATENTS, with American-type security hand setting via a lever at 1, accessible only when the front bezel is opened. Straight line single-roller detached lever escapement with steel club-tooth escape, the roller with square ruby pin acting within a circular notch in the lever fork. Compensation balance, spiral balance-spring. White enamel dial in perfect condition, gold hands. 49 mm diameter.

E & E Emanuel, 3 The Hard Portsea and, for a time, with a shop in London, holder of the Royal Warrant and retailers of many fine watches by Nicole Nielsen, amongst others, and agents for Parkinson & Frodsham chronometers. This 'private label' watch (using American terminology) will have been a special order placed by Emanuel with the Waltham Company.

American Waltham Watch Company. Waltham, USA. One of the pre-eminent manufactures of machine-made watches, about whom much has been written and whose reputation is second to none. "WOERD'S PATENTS" refers to Charles Vander Woerd (1821-1888) who was perhaps the most influential mechanical superintendent ever employed by Waltham, and who took out numerous patents for the company.    

The case with discreet 'CMH' monogram on the rear and just a few tiny marks showing on the engine-turning. Otherwise a lovely and unusual, and still most wearable, example of a fine American made watch retailed in the UK. Serviced and guaranteed.