Abraham JACKSON, Liverpool, No 6000, for Geo LOWE, Gloucester


Rare example of Jackson's best quality Savage 2-pin lever 'TIMEKEEPER' watches.

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Silver case hallmarked Chester 1825, casemakers IW & EK (a mark not recorded as far as I know but probably John Widdowson and Edward Kirkman, Liverpool). Fullplate fusee movement with rim cap and Jackson's unusual arrangement of index mounted under the cock table with the scale on top. Savage 2-pin detached lever escapement with single-pin banking at the tail. Eanshaw-type chronometer balance with wedge shaped weights and lager than usual gap in the bimetallic rims, spiral balance-spring. One-piece cream enamel dial signed TIMEKEEPER, gold hands. 53.5 mm diameter.

George Lowe, Gloucester, retailer.

Abraham Jackson, Castle Street, Liverpool, watch manufacturer. Known to have sold top quality lever and chronometer escapement watches, this form of Savage 2-pin watch, which he named TIMEKEEPER, being one of the best Liverpool finished examples of this escapement known to me, rivalling anything sold in London.

George Savage invented but did not Patent his improved detached lever escapement around 1814. Working within narrower tolerances than the normal lever escapements its use was never great within the watchmaking fraternity, even though examples can be found dating up to and post 1850. Its theoretical advantages make it perhaps the finest detached escapement for general pocket wear, this being a particularly nice example. The use of draw by Savage pre-dates Massey and points to him already having a sound theoretical and practical knowledge of the detached lever escapement by 1814.

Dial with hair crack, otherwise a very good example of Jackson's TIMEKEEPER watches, a name closely associated with John Harrison and the early chronometer makers - I know of only four complete examples. Serviced and guaranteed.