George BURNS, Glasgow. No 1858


Massey type-2 lever movement with gold dial, circa 1825. 

More details

Capped fullplate fusee movement with balance-brake. Massey-2 detached lever escapement, the roller supporting the ruby pin at both ends. Steel balance, spiral balance-spring. Two-colour solid gold dial with raised pink gold numerals and engraved centre, weighing approximately 5 grams, blued-steel hands. 46 mm diameter, 12.5 mm deep, not including centre arbor.

The name on the Barrel-bar, George Burns, probably an owner as I can find no trace of him as a watchmaker/retailer.

Edward Massey, Newcastle, Coventry and Liverpool, escapement manufacturer and Patentee of the first extensively used detached lever escapements. First properly catalogued by Alan Treherne, the various types have come to be called from 1 to 5. Types I and 5 are the earliest and least common, followed by type-2 and then type-3. Type-4 is a seconds beating-variant, usually fitted with a type-3 roller, and is very rare. NB: Good type-2 examples are now becoming difficult to find.

Lacking seconds hand and not cleaned by me, but ticking happily when wound. I have not removed the dial to weigh it, but it must have a scrap value of around £100