NICOLE & CAPT for Robt ROSKELL, Liverpool. No 63151


Good keyless movement by this top London firm, circa 1860.

More details

Slim three-quarter plate pillar-less movement (hunter set) jewelled to the 3rd with cap jewels on balance and escape, the frame stamped with Nicole's twin serial numbers as well as Roskell's. Duplex (frictional rest) escapement retaining the original ruby roller and Patent 'kink' banking. Compensation balance, spiral balance-spring. Signed enamel dial in perfect condition, original blued-steel hands. 42 mm diameter, 7 mm deep, not including centre arbor.

Robert Roskell, famous watch, clock and chronometer maker, one of the most influential of Lancashire watch manufacturers. They started to retail Nicole & Capt's watches sometime around 1860, this being one of the first known examples, and eventually formed an association with the London firm (trading as Nicole Nielsen) at the end of the 19th century, an association that also allowed Roskell to use Nicole's London Street address.

Nicole & Capt, later Nicole, Nielsen & Co were the foremost London watchmakers of the second half of the 19th century, supplying many of the finest watches to retailers such as Frodsham, Dent, Robert Roskell, and many others. See my reprint of a Nicole Nielsen High-Class English Watches trade catalogue, and also my site Glossary for more information about this most important and underrated London firm. NB: This movement retains the original banking achieved by a kink in the balance-spring acting on an upright pin in one of the balance arms, as shown in Nicole's Patent of 1844 - this feature mostly does not survive. 

Lacking the banking pin in the balance arm, otherwise in complete and original condition - a good example and scratch signed on the pillar-plate by/for a past owner 'Col Trafford.' Not cleaned by me, and rather dusty, but will tick if wound.