AMERICAN WATCH Co, Waltham, Mass. No 405720


Good Wm ELLERY grade movement, circa 1868.

More details

18-size Model '57 gilt fullplate movement complete with its patented rim cap. English-style single-roller detached lever escapement, but with brass club-tooth escape (divided lift). Steel balance, spiral balance-spring. Single-sunk signed enamel dial in perfect condition. 45.5 mm diameter, 11 mm deep, not including centre arbor

American Watch Company, Waltham, USA, one of the pre-eminent manufactures of machine-made watches, about whom much has been written and whose reputation is second to none.

Lacking hands (I hope to find them) and the plates with the bloom of dried up oil, otherwise complete and unbroken especially the fine dial. Not cleaned by me and tries to tick if wound, but sold as not working.