Rare Patent alarm in fine complete condition, circa 1830.

More details

Two-piece silver plated drum with Letters Patent Royal Coat of Arms on the top and with shaped and pierced sides. Fullplate movement with mainspring barrel and small enamel dial showing through aperture in lid, fitting inside a large cast bell in the base, both movement and case numbered 268. Complete with its original black and gilt japanned tin with 'DIRECTIONS FOR SETTING' instruction label in the base. Tin 8.5 cm diameter, 5 cm tall.

William Gossage (1799-1877), Leamington Spa, Patent No 4753, February 1823. A suitable paircase watch with its outer case removed to allow fitting of a small brass pipe is used to drive the alarm setting mechanism, with the watch sitting, dial up, on top of the alarm. See also the article on Gossage by Cedric Jagger in Antiquarian Horology, December 1959, vol 3 page 6 - Jagger's alarm, similar to this example is numbered 228.

Complete and in fine original condition but lacking two of the three screws holding the top of the alarm. It does have one pipe, as obviously used by its original owner with his watch. A new pipe will need to be fitted to whatever watch is used if the winding square does not fit - a choice of pipe size was available from Gossage at the time of purchase. Not cleaned by me but will work when wound.